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Grrr. Y'know, I do understand the principles of perspective. I always get tangled up in it though, when objects are near enough to the viewer that the vanishing point is somewhere way far off the edge of the paper. Drawing a scene with fences, multiple buildings, and trees at various distances did that to me this afternoon. I thought I'd worked it out, but after leaving it alone for an hour and coming back to look at it, I can see it isn't right. Fortunately it's all in 4H pencil right now and can easily be erased and corrected. I swear though, I should anchor the paper to a big table, put a pin in the vanishing point wherever it really goes, and use a yardstick to get the proper converging angle on all the straight lines.

In this case, the reference was a photograph, and of course the same perspective is visible there. It's not just an idea dreamed up by artists. A camera sees things the same way. So, back to the drawing table with me. ;p

Date: 2010-03-15 06:26 pm (UTC)
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Perspective is tricky, especially if the vanishing points fall off the table. And those dangling vanishing points make the picture a bit skewy. :-)


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