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Jun. 22nd, 2017 11:01 pm
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It's been a very busy week, starting on Tuesday evening when we headed to Tapped Brewery Company in Leeds to sample a few drinks from the Pirate Life Brewery. They are an Australian brewery recommended by Brett, who had drank their stuff in his homeland before attending a similar tap takeover at Brewdog York on Sunday. We couldn't go to that but we agreed to meet Brett and Jo in town to sample the four beers on offer, as well as meeting the brewers who were doing a small tour of the UK highlighting their beers. The drinks themselves were good, but not remarkable, and I was surprised just how busy the bar was before realising that the Stone Roses were playing the Arena. Indeed, it did get a lot quieter after 7:30pm but with Wolfie on call, we couldn't venture too long out. Wolfie only wanted a pint so only tried three beers - with us taking a can of the fourth one home - while I had an additional half as he supped his final one. We hadn't seen Brett and Jo since the Hop City Beer Festival over Easter, so it was good to catch up with them, but by 9pm and without any food (save for a really meagre baguette) we really needed to head home.

It was quite good we did really as upon arrival just before 10pm, Wolfie went to check up on a hedgehog he had noticed before he left. Thinking it was dead as it was lying on its back with its feet in the air, Wolfie just left it, but as he attempted to move him, the little fella sprung into life. It was quickly apparent he was quite injured, with a nasty gash near his left ear, but we weren't sure what to do. We scooped him into a container and brought him inside, where we noticed some maggots in the wound. He had clearly been mauled by a cat or other woodland creature, and had just been left there. We didn't have the medical expertise to clean the wound but he was just an infant, with eyes still closed, and we didn't want him to suffer either. We did some research and tried ringing a hedgehog farm, but they refused to pick up, until I noticed there is a 24 hour vet in Meanwood. I gave them a ring and they told me to bring him in. Fortunately, as Wolfie had barely drank, we could drive down there so after giving the little guy a pipette of water, which he guzzled thirstily, we drove the 20 minutes to the vet. The receptionist told me the vet had an emergency to deal with, but we left the hedgehog, who we had christened Colin, on the table with them before heading back home. We still don't know if he pulled through but he seemed quite lively (although I was scared in the car that he had stopped moving) and the wound looked superficial. I do hope they rescued him and introduced him to a hedgehog sanctuary as they said. Emotional, we stopped off at McDonald's on the way home for a Coke and a calm down before heading back home the wrong side of midnight.

Wolfie was working in Birmingham on Wednesday, staying over, while I was off to Ripon Races for our annual horse racing gathering at work. It was much the same as previous times really - me losing a load of money on poor bets before clawing a modest sum back on a last race each way, while socialising with work colleagues throughout the evening. We got our traditional free drink courtesy of the company while the director and I slunk away to have our traditional pie and peas supper. They do three Ainsty craft beers at the races now, all of which were actually quite good, so I had those and stopped there, not wanting to drink too much due to my current weight issues. Choosing winners and each way bets was quite tricky last night due to the small fields running, with all races barring the last having seven runners or less. One even had four after two were disqualified going into the stalls, which delayed the race by ten minutes. Aside from this, it was just watching some great sporting action in the sun with a beer in hand, with the surroundings of Yorkshire's Garden Racecourse a particularly pleasant way to spend Midsummer's Night. The craic was good and I did get to meet some people from the sister company, although it was noticeable that there were few staff from my side for whatever reason. Still, it was a good evening and definitely enjoyable, certainly worth repeating again.

Give Me, Give Me, Puppy Shower

Jun. 18th, 2017 11:16 pm
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It's been a busy weekend, conducted in scorching temperatures which were reminiscent of those we enjoyed during our recent trip to the United States. Saturday saw us host our usual Leeds Meet, which once again took place in the Atlas Bar. Wolfie's foot, which caused him significant pain in the US, is still screwed after someone on the flight home tripped over it, damaging it again. This meant that I had to do an awful lot of running around at the meet, not aided by the fact that we had forgotten our bed sheet for the screen, meaning I had to go and get another one from Wilko. The Meet went very well, although my plan for a shorter fursuit walk due to the intense heat somewhat fell through when we discovered a pro-Corbyn demonstration taking place outside the library, assumedly in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. This meant we had to skirt around it and up towards Millennium Square on police advice. This saw a far more lengthy walk, which culminated on the newly pedestrianised Greek Street, where we entertained the throngs of people enjoying the sun eating and drinking outside. We also met Del the Puppy, who was too busy eating his meat initially to come and say hello. After that, he did say hi though and we spoke to his owner about furry and what it's all about.

Saturday was the first meet run by our new committee, a necessity due to how big they now are. With Wolfie's foot buggered and Cosmo, Oracle and Raven fursuiting, organizers for the walk were few and far between but we did get it sorted. We are also hoping to launch our new Leeds furs website in the coming days, while Atlas welcomed us again with a special shot mix they had made for us called 'Phoenix Feathers', a cherry/vanilla liqeur which had sparkly pink bits in it. It was very much appreciated and I am delighted the venue enjoyed having us. After this, a handful of us headed up to Merrion Street and Bar Soba to check this place out as a possible venue too, as well as enjoy the beautiful Asian fusion cuisine which they serve there. We headed back home at around 10pm to discover that there had been a street party on our street in our absence. We hadn't been invited to it, which was a little upsetting, although we hadn't been to the first two and this may explain it. However, this wasn't through a lack of desire, merely because we were busy, with the Meet often clashing when these events are on. It may have been part of the Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox - and we were thinking of doing something for the furmeet in aid of this - but there was little information online for Leeds and work last week was such a stress that I didn't really have time to give it much thought.

The weather on Sunday was even more beautiful than it had been on Saturday, so we ventured to get up reasonably early and go and do something. This we did, walking down to New Pudsey train station early afternoon to go visit Todmorden and Sowerby Bridge in the hills. To be honest, there is little at either of them - they're largely market towns beside the Rochdale Canal - but it was interesting looking at the mill architecture, along with the town hall in Tordmorden which highlighted in a Greek frieze that the town is on the border between Yorkshire and Lancashire. There is a wraught iron lock here, painted green, while we had a walk by the canalside where we saw a high brick wall separating the canal from the high embankment along which the railway line runs. It was quite a feat of engineering. The market in Todmorden was particularly pathetic, selling an odd miscellany of tat while about two thirds of the stalls were somewhat empty, while the town itself seemed to have a plethora of old antique shops. There was a small microbar but after an hour here we decided to go to Sowerby Bridge on the way back to Pudsey, to see if there was anything else there.

The answer was not really, although we did get to see the River Calder. There seemed to be more pub options here and indeed we went to one by the river as we headed back to the station, but in the end it was just a pleasant high street with little on it. Granted we didn't realise the canal was further up and that there could have been more up there, but by this time we were back at the station and waiting for our train. At the station, we called in at the small bar/cafeteria which we were surprised to see stayed open until 9pm. Here we were served some wonderous pork pies with delicious jelly which left us sated. In the distance, we saw the folly that is Wainhouse Tower but couldn't get to it, which was a shame as it did seem interesting.

We had to head back though as we were due to meet Wolfie's friend Adam, along with his wife and young girl, who had invited themselves around for a barbeque on the proviso that they brought all the food, which was fair enough. As we walked back from New Pudsey railway station, I craved a Coke and with the supermarket shut due to Sunday trading, the only place open was the Subway in the petrol station. Here at least we got a refreshing big gulp while we also got some free meatballs too as they were closing up. Tasty. This meant that we were slightly late getting back to our house, and saw Adam waiting in our front garden for us. Still, at least it wasn't raining. Soon we had the BBQ in full swing and we got chatting. I had never met Adam's family before and it was a delight. His wife is Polish and I may have offered her a job as she's looking for work and I have a need for a Polish editor, which was a nice turn of events. Meanwhile, the little girl was very busy just exploring the garden and playing with her toys, pushing her Octonaughts ones down the steps. The food was great, even though there was a paucity of options due to everyone else having the same idea as us and cleaning out the supermarkets by the time we had arrived. We also had some dodgy Indian Paneer which we thought would be likely halloumi but in the end was rubbery and tasteless. Not good. The garden is somewhat wild right now and the number of ants is far higher than I would like, but aside from that it was a good few hours in the sun and a nice way to round off the weekend.
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So, it finally happened. I got myself a HTC Vive.

I had been putting it off forever, but I thought that might as well, because if I keep putting it off I will never get around to do it. And I am sure it will be good for light exercise after yet another disembowelment (surgery) on Monday. I'll be unavailable for nearly 2 weeks while in hospital but after that things should smooth out a little. I'll make sure to take my laptop with me.

At least I have something to look forward to, namely 'Animus' fur-con in Finland. It is still a fairly new event and I am not a huge fan of the hotels 2-story design that forms a tunnel of hundreds of meters from lobby to your room. I ended up spending most of the last one pacing back and forth corridors and not having time to catch up with anyone.

So, what else is new? Just can't seem to get a break. In 2015 I moved to Tampere from the rural town of Jämsä where I lived for a year (because my siblings asked me to move 200km from my own apartment into a small room) same week as my colostomy surgery. Well, it seems it helped for a little whilr, but... it is active again and eating away at my insides. The surgery was a major blow to my self-esteem, confidence and future prospect, because I really doubt any sane and healthy gay man would even consider any kind of relationship with a bottom... without a hole in the bottom. I have been having problems adjusting. I feel hideous, but that is nothing new.

I have been feeling worthless for most of my life really. Probably something I inherited from my parents. They were there... but more like flatmates, not a family unit. Thei seemed capable of love loving or caring... Or even smiling. My critical years of psychological development were... Lonely, to put it mildly.

Last year was very trying and taxing. My mother's lung cancer diagnosis and passing away last autumn was not the only thing not going my way. My long-term (and long-range) relationship with my partner had turned into more of a 'Schrödinger's Relationship' over the last decade, and I was never certain if there was one or not or what. It left me with a broken psyche and even more broken body. I am not sure of we have actually broken up or not, he just stopped talking... again. But I won't wait for him to come back. I am tired of him throwing his toys out of the pram whenever he feels like things aren't going his way. A strange man indeed. I still remember when I needed comforting or support, and he was playing a game on the PC. I was lucky to get a word out of him, let alone looking in my way. That word was usually... "busy". Sometimes I got two words. "Shut up". I did try confronting him about it, but it didn't go too well because I was afraid of him blowing a gasket and leaving me. He did give me an explanation to 'justify' this behaviour. He said he "can not sympathise with my pain or suffering or support me emotionally because he has no personal experience to use as a reference to understand how I would feel. I do feel guilty for going no-contact, but it was a choice between life or death. Quite literally, in fact.. It was either that, or stress whipping my Crohn's into a frenzy mode. Stress literally consumes from within. But I don't know how to de-stress. It is like a switch that has broken into 'ON' position.

Gah. I just realise I have been ranting away again. My apologies. But that is that has been going on in my life lately. What keeps me going is ponies, music, ponies and friends. Which really are countable with one hoof.

P.S. Princess Celestia is the best pony. This is non-negotiable. This is a fact. Her Sister is the second best but equal.


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