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Aug. 17th, 2012 02:06 pm
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Too long since I've posted here, so here's a photo taken by FoxxyFURtography at Indy Fur Con 2012 in Indianapolis. The theme was "Furs in Space" and I didn't want to do Star Wars or Star Trek, and thought Dr Who would be a better model given my inclinations and disposition. I made the scarf myself from a pattern provided by the BBC back in the 1980s. The "Sonic Screwdriver" I'm carrying is actually a battery powered drink swizzler.

The con was smallish but we had lots of fun, and the weather was great for fursuits (a surprise given the August date.
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Winston the Book Wolf 6
Originally uploaded by Altivo
Here I am in the role of Winston the Book Wolf, with storyteller Ms. Janet dressed as "Granny Winston" as she appears at the end of the book by Marni McGee.

For a sequence of six photos, click here.

The event was an unqualified success. Most of the children were a little bit afraid of the wolf, but after the story was finished they had a craft session in which they made wolf hand puppets from paper lunch bags, and then they were all eager to show the puppets to Winston.
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Still spinning daily for the TdF, just no photos to show. Wound off some full spindles onto a felt ball so I could keep spinning without pausing to ply for now.

More time spent on fursuit prep for an appearance at the library tonight. Several minor repairs and adjustments, all complete now I think. Suit is packed up, with repair kit as usual and my contact lenses set to go. New tail looks spiffy, but I'm not wearing the leg pads due to the heat.

Hopefully there will be photos if we have someone to person the camera. ;p
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More spinning at lunch time. At least I'm spinning every day, but there are so many other things to be accomplished in the day that the time is limited.

Have to do some work on the fursuit too. Only a week until that story hour thing.


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