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2009 Tour de Fleece Output
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Photo of my results from the Tour de Fleece. Inspired, one suspects, by the use of the term "spinning" for bicycle racing, the goal is to spin every day that the Tour de France rides. These four yarns were the result.

The white merino and the multicolored merino-bamboo blend will be in this year's show as yarn. The plan is to weave them into a soft shawl or scarf for the 2010 show. The dark tweed woolen singles will, hopefully, be turned into a scarf using Scandinavian nålbinding techniques in time for this year's show.
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The Tour de Farce *oops* I mean Fleece is over.

I did not get all 8 ounces of merino-cotton blend spun. Probably got through about 3 ounces of that. But I ended up with stuff going on three spinning wheels at once. So in addition to the merino-cotton, I spun 4.6 ounces of tweedy wool singles for use in nålbinding. And four ounces of superwash merino in a two ply worsted suitable for use as weaving warp. And most of four ounces of rainbow dyed merino-bamboo blend to be used as weft with the superwash. I promise a photo soon, but I'm too sleepy to take one right now. Sorry.
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I've been remiss about posting, but not about spinning, at least not entirely. I've filled three spindles and need to wind off. At this rate, I'll only get through half of the target fiber blend by the end of the race, but at least it's keeping me spinning every day.

Haven't taken any photos yet because the wool is just a sort of fawn brown color and not too exciting. The charka is an interesting spinning tool but I've posted photos of it before so that alone doesn't justify it.

What to make from a wool and cotton blend? Good question. Knitted lace, perhaps a scarf, is all I can think of so far. I'm open to suggestions. This stuff is sort of like a poor person's cashmere. It looks like cashmere, but feels more like lamb's wool.

TdF: Day 3

Jul. 6th, 2009 09:06 pm
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Yay! Filled (almost) one spindle on lunch break. But I'll never get through 8 ounces at this rate. Gotta find more time or fail. Oh noes.

The very short fibers are tricky, but the results do improve with practice. I had been spinning silk and longer fiber cottons before this, so it takes some adjustment. However, I will soldier onward.


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