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So, in a burst of energy, I agreed to participate in a "Friendship Coverlet" project. The way it works is that each person in the group chooses an overshot weaving design, and weaves enough 14 inch squares with that design so that they can give one to each of the other group members. Everyone ends up with a stack of squares, one from each group member and one of their own, that can be assembled into a quilt or bedspread. We ordered the yarn as a group, so as to get the best possible discount and shipping deal.

Of course, in my enthusiasm for the project, I also volunteered to weave double (two sets of blocks in different patterns) instad of just one set, should that be needed to make the total number of blocks add up to a proper rectangle when assembled. So I'll be weaving at least 20 blocks rather than just twelve. I got my pattern drafts and yarn today, to the tune of $95 in cost. But OK, I'm sure the finished piece will be an heirloom worth the price and great to look at. The two patterns I'll be weaving are "The Chariot Wheel" and "Catalpa Flower."

This is a big project. It's estimated to take a year, though I hope to finish my weaving part of it sooner. The likely obstacle to that is that each participant has to measure out wool yarn in their selected color to give to every other weaver, so we weave our block for them in their choice of color. I have a fear that someone will take so long just to do that part that I'll be waiting and waiting for their yarn. But everyone should have all their yarn within the week, so that (theoretically) isn't supposed to happen. We'll see.

Meanwhile I need to weave off the rug warp that's on the big loom, because I want to use it for this project. That's the one that I can warp in sections, making the entire warping process much simpler for me. This warp is 354 ends (separate threads) and 14 1/2 inches wide. I will need at least 15 yards of warp on the loom in order to complete all the required work.
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