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The paper, that is. Early this morning, before going to work, I finally got to sit down with my new art toys and experiment. Using a piece of 80 lb paper that was not quite properly stretched, I fiddled around with a set of Derwent water soluble colored pencils to see just how they work, and did find it interesting. I don't think such things existed the last time I was seriously trying to produce art.

I did various tricks to see how the pencils work when wet, dry, and on both wet and dry surfaces, and how they blend when stroked with a wet brush. I don't think I'll be throwing away my regular watercolors, but I see some potential for quick and easy fun with these. On one corner I did a color sketch of the pepper mill, since I was sitting at the dining room table and it was handy. With some judicious brush work, it turned out quite acceptably.

As for the paper, well, it needs better stretching. I did find and order some of the old water-activated gummed paper tape and it should be here in a week or so. A 600 foot roll is probably a lifetime supply if this is all I use it for.

I decided to try again this afternoon, this time using the pressure sensitive "drafting tape" that Gary picked up at the office supply. This looks like ordinary masking tape or freezer tape, though perhaps a bit thicker. I was dubious, but soaked a sheet of 80 lb. paper in the sink for a few minutes, then shook it out and patted it down with a paper towel to remove surface liquid. Laid it on the board and let it dry for a couple more minutes, then taped the edges down with strips of the drafting tape. I didn't think it would stick to the wet paper but it did. I stood by, pressing the edges down repeatedly for ten minutes or so. Then I let it dry for ten minutes and came back to check. Two of the tapes seemed to be loosening, so I pressed them down again hard. Then I took some push pins and skewered both tape and the edges of the paper to the board. Leaving the whole mess to dry for a couple of hours. It seems to have worked. The paper is now dry and tight as a drum. The tape is still stuck to the paper and the board. I plan to try drawing and painting on it yet tonight, and then in the morning will find out if the tape comes off cleanly.

If not, I think I'll move to some 140 lb. paper for now. That's thick enough not to require stretching to avoid buckling when wet.
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